2010 Picnic details, Challenge and AGM

At our last critique session on 7 November 2010, we held our Vision AGM. The new executive are as follows:

  • President: Kathleen J
  • Vice President: Tony O
  • Web Manager: Justin M
  • Treasurer/Finance: Tim M
  • Secretary: Crystal J

End of year picnic: We voted not to have the Christmas party at the old venue as, while pleasant, it was difficult for some people to reach. A more central venue was put forward, and it was decided that the party would be from 11am-2pm, Sunday 5 December 2010, meeting at Roma Street Parklands at the amphitheatre – contact the list in advance for a contact number in case you can’t find us. To bring: Food, and a contribution to the Picnic Challenge.

Picnic challenge: There is a folder on the group site called Story Scraps. Please contribute strange story fragments or ideas you have lying around but haven’t used – if you can’t upload them, give a cry for help on the list and a member of the exec will add them. The challenge for the meeting is to write and bring along a 500 word piece based on/combining at least two of the scraps. There may be prizes.

Meeting fee: We have not been charging a fee for the meetings since we moved to the State Library. At the AGM, we decided to charge $2 per meeting. This will be put towards emergencies, special projects, prizes, gifts for guests, parties or so forth as the need arises. This will also give Tim something more to do at AGMs, although we did audit his report this year by making him shake the pencil case of funds. There is no charge to join the email list.

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