New Venue for February Meeting

Welcome to 2011!

We have a different venue for our first meeting on Sunday 6 February 2011. Usually we meet at the State Library but it is closed because of the floods.

Location: For Sunday 6 February 2011 only we are meeting at the Brisbane Square Library in room 1.9. The Brisbane Square Library is in the new BCC buildings at the top of Queen Street Mall opposite the Treasury Casino.

Time: The time is the same as usual: we start at 11am and go until 2pm unless we run out of stories earlier. Then the survivors go for coffee.

Fee: There will be no fee for this first meeting. We will have a small fee of $2 for future meetings to cover admin and opportunities. There is no fee for this meeting because of room hire requirements.

Stories: Stories for critique can be printed and read before the meeting. They are uploaded at the group file page:

Questions? Likely to get lost? If you have any questions about location, or have technical difficulties, or want a phone number in case you get lost, please contact the Vision email list. You will need to be a member to do this (or access the stories). You can apply here:

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