Be gentle with me… it’s my first time.

At a Vision Writer’s meeting that is.

With so many new faces in recent meetings I thought I’d take a few moments to publicly answer some of the more common questions I get asked before a meeting by first time attendees.

#1 What do I have to bring?

Yourself. The rest of it is optional, though I do suggest bringing a pen and notebook with you, as there is always useful information floating around the room.

#2 Do I have to critique at my first meeting?

Not at all. However if you have joined our message board, and feel comfortable doing so, you will find the stories we’ll be critiquing in the Files area.

#3 Are there any rules I need to be aware of?

We’re gathering to give constructive criticism on stories people may have been working on for years, so respect is really the foundation of it all.

#4 Is there an age limit?

We’re not always critiquing content suited to a young adult audience. I would suggest anyone under the age of 17 have their parent or guardian join the message board and decide if the content for that month is suitable reading for the maturity level of their charge.

We would also ask for that parent or guardian to attend the meeting to decide if it is suitable for their charge to be in attendance.

#5 Does it cost anything to attend Vision Meetings?

Not currently. In the past meetings have been held in coffee shops and other assorted venues that may have incurred a cover charge.

For the last four years or so we’ve been meeting in Libraries which is free of charge, unless we collect membership fees or donations. So we refrain from asking for money and we get our meeting space for no cost.

Hope this all helps a little. Keep making pages!!!


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4 Responses to Be gentle with me… it’s my first time.

  1. Kirstie says:

    Great info, Belinda. Can I add for any newbies that dropping by first is a great idea so you can get a feel for how we critique. We’re all honest, but not harsh about it. We try not to spill too much blood – apart from that of the characters in the stories ;p

  2. Daniel says:

    I don’t know if this should be a rule, or anything, but I typically bring at least one paper copy of my own stories so that people unable to, or who forget to, print it out can participate. Not a rule but good courtesy, I guess.

  3. Suzanne Black says:

    Hello Vision Writers,
    Just letting you know that I would love to attend your next meeting on June 5th.


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