Sleeping Beauties

May’s meeting was a grand affair. Sixteen attendees (including myself) and Seven submissions to fly through. We had Three new faces which, considering one drove all the way from Toowoomba, was way beyond what I expected.

I am beyond speechless at the variety of submissions we receive each month, and believe me when I tell you, if we were to put together an anthology it would never be able to be pinned down as anything except broad spectrum Speculative Fiction. You never quite know what you’ll be reading next. Very exciting!

Now I had a couple of people ask me after this meeting what our take home lesson would be this month, and I decided to look at when is the right time to end a chapter.

We had a sleep epidemic on our hands this month and, as was pointed out, this is the perfect chance for your reader to close the book and do the same. Certainly NOT what you want happening.

The idea is to force the reader to be driven on by a cliff hanger, a point of view change or a plot twist that they decide, ‘Just one more chapter’. The trick is to do this at the end of each chapter so your story becomes The book you can not put down.

Rowena Cory Daniells *co founder of vision* is a master of the art of the cliffhanger chapter endings.

The idea I’m getting from some online research is that the cliffhanger doesn’t even need to be an action sequence. It just has to be enough of an urgent situation that by turning the page there may be some sort of resolution.

Will it be what you expected? Dun Dun DUUUUN!

This quote I took straight from 

“A good rule of thumb: Ask yourself, How can I end this part so that the sleepy reader is compelled to keep the light on, if only to see how some crisis turns out or how some crucial question is answered?”

Have a marvelous May everyone. Keep making pages!!!


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  1. Kirstie says:

    It was a great meeting. You’re so right about a Vision anthology being an eclectic affair, and Rowena’s chapter breaks.
    Looking forward to the next meeting 😀

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