On No She Didn’t…. Oh Yes She Did!

 photo dancbaby_zps4b7f6983.gif

Oga Chucka Oog Ooga…. okay I’ll stop.

I was extremely glad for a room with no windows today. The weather outside was glorious, and with a fantastic turn out I think we brought the sunshine in with us and the atmosphere was positive.

We had 17 turn out this month with one brave new arrival from the Writers Convention we participated in last weekend. It makes me wonder if we’ll have to make a quick change of room before the end of the year? At this rate it may happen. Stupid room capacity!

Submissions were of a high quality this month and we’re beginning to see early drafts of submissions for an Ebook we are planning for next year to showcase the talent that Vision has to offer.  I may be biased, but I am really excited at the potential for epic-ness.

This weeks take home message is a simple one and is a quote from Steven Spielberg.

“You should be able to dance naked upon your work.”

Hence the dancing baby.

For me this means you should be immensely proud of your talent.

Be unapologetic in your belief in your ability and enjoy what it is you do.

Finish those manuscripts, hand them in for critique, listen to opinion but believe in your own vision to make the story what you want it to be.

Have an awesome August everyone. Keep making pages!!!

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