Happy Father’s Day!!!

I guess technically today is Vision’s birthday… not to take away from the men of Vision who may be fathers to human kiddies or fur babies who deserve best wishes for today. Happy Father’s day also goes to the Vision widowers, who lost their wives to today’s meeting. Really we were just giving you quality time with your kids. You’ll thank us one day.

We had 12 at today’s meeting and we certainly missed our regulars who had other activities planned for today. We hope your day was as lovely as ours and you all made happy memories.

We got through a record 8 submission critiques. We even finished a little early and went down for coffee to discuss the direction we want to take Vision for 2014 and also what events we are attending at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival next weekend.

Our take away message this month was all about perspective

First Person: You’re experiencing the narrative through the character’s point of view. Speech usually consists of lots of I, Me and My.

Second Person: When done well it can draw a reader into the story as a participant rather than just an observer. Speech uses you and your.

Third Person Omniscient: opens the dialogue of every character to the reader.

Third Person Limited: Allows the reader into the internal dialogue of only one character.

Third person limited differs from first person because the author’s voice, not the character’s voice, is what you hear in the descriptive passages.

For examples and the source of my information follow the link to dummies.com.

Have a spectacular September everyone. Keep making pages!!!

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