Writing Prompt: First Line Fun

photo credit Melinda Seckington

photo credit Melinda Seckington

Take your favourite book. What’s its first line?

We’re going to use that as the base, but here’s a few rules.

  1. Try not to work in the same genre as that book.
  2. None of the characters can be facsimiles of the characters from your chosen book.

Now, you need to take that line and change it a bit. Give it a new tone. If it was an optimistic line, make it dark and gloomy. If it was a ‘dark and stormy night’ your line could become something like ‘it was a brilliant golden dawn promising a glorious day’.

You don’t have to go polar opposite though, you can go on a tangent. Dark and stormy night becomes ‘a blustery afternoon were a simulation of early dusk came from oncoming storm clouds’.

Use you new line and go crazy.

About Kirstie Olley

Kirstie Olley was the President of Vision Writers Group during 2015-2018, has had ten short stories published since joining the group in 2012, has been a finalist in the Aurealis Awards and received multiple honourable mentions in the Writers Of The Future contest. She also blogs and has free fiction at her website http://www.storybookperfect.com/
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2 Responses to Writing Prompt: First Line Fun

  1. Chris kneipp says:

    From the first sci-fi novel by Edmund Cooper, The Uncertain Midnight. The first novel I read twice.
    “First, there was pain; and after the awareness of pain, a flock of dark shadows fluttering like silent birds against a backcloth of darkness.”

    First, there was pain; and after the awareness of pain, a pack of wild creatures, stalking like angels with unfathomable intent.

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