Writing Prompt: New Traditions

This time of year is rife with traditions, whether it be the deeply religious, or the old family type. But what if you’re in a world without Christmas, Hanukkah, or any of our world’s familiar holidays?

What festival do they celebrate? Is it midwinter or midsummer? How does that weather effect the traditions? Are there typical costumes? Is it rooted in religion but deviated somewhat like Christmas? Or is it more deeply linked? Are there opposing religions who vie for attention this time of year?

Is this the perfect time of year for your desert nomads to cull the tribe’s weaklings in some form of trial?

Where does your imagination take you? What new traditions are you making for your world? Have fun, and have a wonderful holiday season!


About Kirstie Olley

Kirstie Olley was the President of Vision Writers Group during 2015-2018, has had ten short stories published since joining the group in 2012, has been a finalist in the Aurealis Awards and received multiple honourable mentions in the Writers Of The Future contest. She also blogs and has free fiction at her website http://www.storybookperfect.com/
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