Writing Prompt: Role Reversal

The novel I’m writing now came from me wanting to make the protagonist of the story one of the ‘secondary’ characters of the quest. After all, we should be making all our secondary characters as strong and as fully fleshed out as our protagonists. I’d like to see what we all can do with that idea.

The challenge is, take a side kick and flip the script. It can be an acknowledged (within the story) turn about, like if Robin saved Batman. Or maybe something less recognised by the characters.

Can you do it in your current work in progress? Could your story be even more exciting from a different character’s view? Let’s see what we can do!

About Kirstie Olley

Kirstie Olley was the President of Vision Writers Group during 2015-2018, has had ten short stories published since joining the group in 2012, has been a finalist in the Aurealis Awards and received multiple honourable mentions in the Writers Of The Future contest. She also blogs and has free fiction at her website http://www.storybookperfect.com/
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  2. So, the knight’s squire, the wizard’s errand boy (okay, familiar), or Batman from Robin’s perspective, as you mentioned, kinda like Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson or, I think, the Great Gatsby (haven’t read or seen it, I think that’s what it’s like though).

    They’ve got that in the _______’s Apprentice books, by what I’ve heard (and with a title like The Ranger’s Apprentice or the Sorcerer’s Apprentice or the like, well, you’d expect a series called such to be what it says on the tin). There’s also a book called NPC, bet you’ll never guess what the viewpoint character is in that one :p

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