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Kirstie Olley was the President of Vision Writers Group during 2015-2018, has had ten short stories published since joining the group in 2012, has been a finalist in the Aurealis Awards and received multiple honourable mentions in the Writers Of The Future contest. She also blogs and has free fiction at her website

September 2018 Meeting Changes

A reminder for any planning to attend the September 2018 meeting of the Vision Writers Group: We will be meeting on Sunday 9th of September instead of the usual first Sunday of the month so as to avoid conflicts with … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: The SUPERmarket

Super heroes still gotta eat, right? Tough chick vampire hunters in the big city gotta get the talcum powder to make sure their leather pants don’t stick to them from somewhere. Ancient Greek deities reborn in human form (whether aware … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Sliding Doors

I’ve heard this one sometimes called ‘alternate biography’. You take someone you know from your life, someone who you know the ‘back story’ of well, and change it. But what I want us to do is look at all the … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Stop. Chimera Time.

I love chimeras. Not just the original mythic image, but the evolved meaning: animals mixed together to form a new animal. They don’t always have to be terrifying either. Think like polar bear dogs and badgermoles from Legend of Aang/Legend … Continue reading

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April 2018 Meeting

Due to the conflict with Easter the time and location of our April meeting has been shifted. Please note the new date and location below. Day: Sunday April 8th Time: 11am Place: The Coffee Club, Park Road, Milton Booking Name: … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Birds

Another simple prompt for you today, but simple can be surprisingly versatile. Birds. You can go Hitchcockian horror like in ‘The Birds’, or take a science fiction turn like the genetically mutated Mockingjays in The Hunger Games Trilogy. Or think … Continue reading

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The Power Of The Paragraph

The first meeting of the year saw much great advice at the table on Sunday and that always makes my job of picking a piece of advice for this post hard. This month I selected some advice received by two … Continue reading

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Yahoo Group Issues

There are problems with our Yahoo Group currently(as at 22/1/18). The files section was down for several days prior and just now the entire group has seemingly vanished. I have made efforts to contact Yahoo support and hope to hear … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Kishotenketsu

For the first writing prompt of the new year I thought I’d challenge you to try something new. Most of us should be familiar with three act structure which most movies and books use. A lot of people might also … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Inspirational Workplaces

This months prompt is inspired half by the ‘perfect working day’ exercise I redid recently, and half by this very cool photo post. So, first up, look at your workspace (do you have one? As a full-time mum/whenever-I-can-squeeze-the-time writer mine … Continue reading

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