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Kirstie is the current President of Vision Writers, has had several short stories published since joining the group in 2012, has been a finalist in the Aurealis Awards and received multiple honourable mentions in the Writers Of The Future contest. She also blogs and has free fiction at her website

Filter Words

As always there was a wealth of good advice at the meeting. It can make it very hard to choose what to write about in these ‘meeting takeaway’ posts. This month I’d like to talk about filter words. Filter words … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Platinum

Vision Writers is officially 20 years old this month. Woah! We are Brisbane’s oldest speculative fiction writers group and this is our platinum anniversary. So fittingly this month’s writing prompt is platinum. Just that. Platinum. Let’s see where our active … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!

Wow! Vision Writers is officially twenty years old! To think two whole decades ago Rowena, Marianne, Adrianne, and (who else? I’m sure there were others but I don’t know who – I’d love to if only for historical accuracy and … Continue reading

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Taking the Time To Savour Your Action Scenes

Happy Father’s Day for yesterday to all the dads out there. We had a very laid back meeting on Saturday (it was moved from Sunday to Saturday just this month so we weren’t forcing people to chose between the meeting … Continue reading

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September Meeting Date/Time/Location

Out of respect for Father’s Day the September meeting has been shifted to SATURDAY 3rd September, still at the usual 11am, but now at the Communal Bar and Grill (right out the front of the Brisbane Square Library). Meetings will … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Don’t speak

This is less a prompt and more a challenge. Can you write a story with no dialogue? Normally it would be a terrible mistake to have a story with no dialogue, but if you come at it from the right … Continue reading

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War and Commerce

Hacked Fit Bits aside, this month’s best bit of advice from the meeting is to do with deeper levels of world building. Be warned this is a very simplified explanation of what is a large and complex topic that I … Continue reading

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Writing Prompt: Weak Sauce

What makes all those monsters like werewolves and vampires so scary? The fact they’re so much stronger than us. We couldn’t possibly hope to defeat them – unless we know their weakness. But what if those myths were intentionally misleading? … Continue reading

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Letting Your Reader Breathe – Between Laughs

At yesterday’s meeting we had couple of comedy pieces submitted for critique – the unrelentingly side-splitting Victorian Horror piece ‘The Spectre In The Wardrobe’ by Tony Owens will be one to look out for, and the giggle-tastic and close to … Continue reading

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Character Overload

You’re at a party, and a guy comes up to you and shakes your hand. “Hi, I’m Bob,” he says, but before you can go deeper into a conversation with him a woman comes over. She introduces herself as Rachel, … Continue reading

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