Forum & Contact

The VISION Discussion List is an unmoderated list, hosted on . Here members past and present, physically Brisbanites and sometimes-not-even-Australian members discuss ideas, share advice, ask questions, make announcements, swap critiquess outside of meetings, and find novel buddies. Conveners of awards and conventions often announce events and registrations also. There is general chat amongst members, and although there are over 400 members on the list it tends to be low volume and very friendly.

You can find our old discussion list on Yahoo Groups too, but please be aware it is not the active place for the current meeting attending members (though there are many great people and files still there).

We conduct some VISION business on this list so if you are not of this locale (Brisbane, Qld, Australia), you may find that frustrating sometimes, but please join up if you’re interested in discussing science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing.

If you need to contact the webmaster of this site please use the contact form below.