This section is for currently active members, past and newcomers alike. It’s designed to allow us to get to know one another better, and to give members an opportunity to display some of their work.

Due to the massive number of members both past and present (450+ currently on the Yahoo Boards) the list doesn’t include every single member, but it’s enough to give you an impression of some of the people that comprise VISION.

Founding Members

  • Marianne De Pierres       Website
  • Rowena Cory Daniells    Website
  • Adrianne Fitzpatrick       Website

Current Meeting Attending Members


Past Members

    • Lee Battersby               Website
    • Scott Robinson            Website
    • Satima Flavell              Website
    • Kris Hembury
    • Gary Kemble                Website              Twitter
    • Jason Nahrung            Website              MySpace
    • Alison Goodman          Website
    • Ben Payne                     Website
    • Amanda Greenslade   Website
    • Astrid Cooper               Website
    • Kate Eltham                  Twitter
    • Trent Jamieson            Website
    • A.A. Bell                         Website
    • Kathleen Jennings       Website
    • Robert Hoge                  Website
    • Heather Gammage       Website
    • Nigel Stones                   Website