How to find us

PLEASE NOTE, due to COVID-19 we are currently meeting online. For more information follow the link to the forum below.

Our normal meeting time and place is:

10:00am – 1:00pm
The second Sunday of the month, except for December (when we have the Christmas party instead) and January (when we don’t have a meeting).

Meeting room 1.9
Brisbane Square Library
266 George St
Brisbane, QLD 4000

If you’re thinking of coming along to a meeting, consider joining the VISION Discussion List to check on meeting times and ask questions.


Best Of 25 Years

It starts with a sock. Not even a particularly nice sock. And it ends in tears. Between those two points are twenty-three stories of magic, horror, science fiction, heartbreak, heroics and wonder.

Within these pages you may find your new favourite author. You may find a story that touches a secret, wounded place inside you, filling you with a quiet longing, and a sense you are finally loved and accepted. You might find a pretty good muffin recipe.

(Okay, I lied about the muffin recipe.)

In 1996, Rowena Cory Daniells, Marianne de Pierres and Adrianne Fitzpatrick founded Vision Writers. For twenty-five years, Vision Writers has been a supportive, proactive group of speculative fiction writers, meeting once a month to share stories and give feedback. This anthology a snapshot of a much larger process. The final product of community, friendship, passion, secret drives, quiet hopes, outlandish daydreams. We are thrilled to share it with you.




2020 Perfect Vision

If you could see into the future (or past), you would find a lovestruck king; a demon taking a selfie; emotion painting the air with colour—literally; books that breed on the shelves; androids; and, of course, the end of the world.

Look deep into our crystal ball for fourteen epic, dangerous and occasionally funny stories for lovers of sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Established in 1996, Vision Writers Group is a haven for speculative fiction writers to develop their skills, give and receive feedback and develop connections and friendships. This anthology showcases the writing elites—those who were organised enough to submit!





"As it became obvious they were not about to plunge to their deaths just yet, Bill gingerly took his hands off the steering wheel and rubbed his chin. He slowly opened the window and stuck his head out. There appeared to be nothing holding them up apart from the inky night air."

Featuring cave crocodiles and spell absorbing beards, a séance with soul, a night in a gypsy caravan to make all your wishes come true and a journey through hell that will make you swear to be good. Come with us to rebuild the world clock, face the dragon queen and hide from the thing under the bed.

Assuming you can escape the floating car...




Darkest Depths

If you're brave enough to gaze into the abyss (beware: it's watching you), you'll find a woman caring for a monster, a father's suffocating guilt, a jumping castle, a tale of the Horseman, a military science experiment gone wrong (don't they all?), a lake monster, some mutants in a hole, and of course, a bizarre trip through the mind, with a doppelganger and a booze-soaked wombat in a 1969 Kombi.

So be sure to read this under the covers with the torch on and the windows locked. There are dark things out there. And there are even darker things in here.